Dough to use: Either 10″ x 15″ Sheets or 15 lb. Ready-to-Sheet Bulk.

1. Dough Preparation:
Thaw desired number of sheets or prepare bulk dough according to directions, adapt to 10″ x 15″ size.

2. Makeup:
a. Cut one 10″ x 15″ sheet in half widthwise.

b. Waterwash entire surface of each piece.

c. Sprinkle surface of each piece with finely chopped pecans, raisins and a heavy coating of cinnamon sugar (1:7). Leave closest edge uncovered for proper seal.

d. Roll each dough piece into a firm coil and seal with waterwashed edge.

e. Waterwash entire surface of coil. Apply heavy coating of cinnamon sugar and sprinkle with nuts.

f. Cut each coil into approximately 12 equal portions.

3. Panning:
(Standard 18″ x 26″ bun pan)
Line pan with baking paper. Place 35 Rugelach, 5 rows of 7, with minimum 1″ between each.

4. Baking:
Bake in preheated 380º-400ºF oven for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

5. Finishing:
None required.


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