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Puff Pastry Carton

Puff Dough Squares 5″ x 5″

Whether crafting savory or sweet mini pastries, our 5” x 5” puff pastry dough squares offer unmatched quality, taste and versatility. Composed of six gourmet squares, each sheet is meticulously laminated with shortening and crafted with care to achieve the ideal flaky experience. Elevate your menu and delight guests or customers with a broad range of memorable tastes, textures and creations.

Puff pastry dough squares are perfect for turnovers, pot pies, fruit-filled treats, savory pockets, and so much more. We invite you to visit our resources page for recipes and inspiration.

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Convenient size - perfect for smaller applications

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Pre-cut squares reduces labor

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Convenient slide out tray keeps dough fresh

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Easily create exceptional culinary creations, from breakfast to dessert and more, with Pennant Puff Pastry. Our puff pastry offers a vast array of menu possibilities, from sweet delights to savory sensations.