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open case of 15 pounds of puff pastry

Puff Dough Ready to Sheet 15 lb

Express your culinary creativity with our 15-pound puff pastry frozen dough slabs.

Separated by a protective liner, carefully wrapped and sealed within a master case, our dough is expertly prepared to cater to all your culinary creations. After baking, the 100 layers of puff pastry will display a captivating array of tones; spanning from a light golden hue to a rich toasty brown.

Versatile and easy to use, our dough is ideal for crafting a wide array of both sweet and savory delights. Experience a blend of tradition, convenience, and artistry in each sheet of Pennant Puff Pastry. Available in our unique green box with resealable, slide-out tray for quick, convenient portion selection.

Puff pastry ready-to-sheet dough is ideal for seasoned users proficient in handling various laminated doughs.

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Convenient slide out tray keeps dough fresh

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Protective liners prevent dough from sticking

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Versatile - can be used for any application

Get Inspired

Easily create exceptional culinary creations, from breakfast to dessert and more, with Pennant Puff Pastry. Our puff pastry offers a vast array of menu possibilities, from sweet delights to savory sensations.