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Puff Dough Sheets 10″ x 15″

Serving as the perfect canvas for your baking creations, these sheets provide an exquisite foundation for a wide array of sweet or savory delights in a highly customizable format.

Once baked to perfection, our dough yields the famous golden layers Pennant Puff Pastry is known for. Whether filled with savory meats, luscious berries, or decadent chocolate, expect exceptional flavor and texture with every bite! These sheets come frozen, ready to inspire your imagination.

Puff pastry dough sheets are perfect for larger sweet and savory applications (rolls and larger shapes, such as twists and trees), the classic wellington, and so much more. We invite you to visit our resources page for recipes and inspiration.

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Perfect for larger applications

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Convenient slide out tray keeps dough fresh

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Protective liners prevent dough from sticking

Get Inspired

Easily create exceptional culinary creations, from breakfast to dessert and more, with Pennant Puff Pastry. Our puff pastry offers a vast array of menu possibilities, from sweet delights to savory sensations.